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New planets won't affect predictions.

The United Nations plan to sanction additional planets in the solar system will have no aspect on rashis and forecasting as the heaven is divided into 360 degrees with each of the 12 signs accounting for 30 degrees, so 30 x 12 =360. In India we even have temples dedicated to the 9 planets apart from planetary mantras which were devised keeping in mind the subtle aspect of only 9 planets on human life. The Hebrews too believe there are 9 numbers and 9 is the highest vibration and also ascribe 9 planets ruling the 9 numbers.

12 signs x planets =108 the sacred number for the rosary beads used in Hindu civilization. The great Varahamihira who wrote Brihat Jatika, Aryabhatta, the great astronomer, Rishi Parashara, founder of astrology and rishi Brighu were able to calculate distances of planets away from the earth centuries ago without help of modern instruments, and even calculate the value of pai. They were aware of the influence of other planets, but have considered only those planets which have impacted planets which impact human beings, Vedic astrology does’nt even consider influence of Uranus and Neptune, but give importance to Rahu and Ketu which are not planets but interjecting points which exercise influence on human life.The Devi Atharvasheesh also speaks about impact of 10 Suns in total on human life, without going into any detail. In predictive and remedial astrology there is no comparison to the Indian lunar system than the western solar system which is fraught with severe limitations. The Indian system along with the Chinese and Hebrew systems forms the most ancient and accurate systems based on astronomy which has even cut down the 12 houses and sun signs into the ninth division known as the navamsa and see the nakshatras (27) while interpreting charts. 27 nakshatras x 4 groups of signs( Fire, Air, Water, Earth) =108.

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I never thought I will get such a clear picture about my future through astrology.
Thanks to astrospeak panel for making my life happy.

Smita Arora
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