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Deepawali Pujan


|| Deepawali Pujan ||


History of Deepawali And laxmi Puja

Mahalaxmi born in samunder-manthan.After Samunder-Manthan Laxmi appears when others Apsaras born. Sur and Asur Loves her because she is very Beautiful. God Indra gives her a very beautiful Asan of diamonds, rivers brought water in golden pot.Musical Instruments playing and sky is became so happy. All baths Laxmi devi with diggaj kalsas. Sea gives her yellow clothes. Varun (air) gives her vajanti Mala and Vishwkarma presents her very beautiful jwellery.Now this way godess Laxmi put down flowers garland in Shree Vishnu's nack. All the Apsaras sing the songs or all gods say stuti of LaxmiNarayana
              When Shree Krishna played her Raslila trick than from his body two godess borns names Radhika and Mahalaxmi. In Indras home SwargLaxmi, in Patal NaagLaxmi,in rajgrah RajLaxmi, by her ansavtars they present in grahLaxmi, in kamal shrichandra, in suryaMandal Sobha, jewell, fruits, king, queen,food,clothes,subhsathan, devi & devtas pratima, Mangal Kalsa, Madii, Moti, diamond,milk,chandan,tree, new sky etc in all these things it places inside.
              First Time narayana worshiped Laxmi in Vakunta. After that Brahma, after that Shiv, Forth time at the samunder-manthan lord Vishnu and in Patal Naag,at the time of Shukal Astami to Ashwin brahma prays her. And remaining gods prays at chatra shukal and paush shukal. after that in sarad season day of Diwali paush Sankranti all gods prays god Laxmi.
              Indra, Manu, Kedar, Nal, Niel, Sabal, Droov, uttanpad, Bali, Kasup, DukshPrajapati, Kardum, Priyavarta, Chand, Kuber, Vauiu, Yam, Agni, And Varuna all these gods prays laxmi in any festival. Markendaya Purnas says that diwali's Night is the best for the worship of goddess Laxmi.

Deepawali Pujan Vidhi

             The festival of Deepawali is very holy.Brahman, Khistraya, Veshya and Shudrah all enjoyed Deepawali happily. All the families coloring their homes and fullfill it with different type of Callenders, colors, Flowers. After that great different in rich people or poor people they prays god Laxmi. In fact this festival started from the day of triyodushi. its called 'DhanTeras'. In this day whole peoples brought new Bartans. In this day their burn many diyas. after that deepmalautsav celebrated.
             The festival of Deepawali celebrated with pure and holy man. If you will take fast at that day its very useful. In the evening prays Gods and Bhagwati Laxmi.Minimum 4 diyas of Ghee and others with tel. At that place Laxmi pujan to be held burn there Ghee diya.In home at that place the money and jewell placed there burns diya of Ghee. now if you have a shop place Ghee diyas in shop. One Ghee diya burns at the name of Ganga.before that in home their gods place placed ghees diyas.In home internal and External Parts burns tel diyas. At the roofs, doors, windows, placed diya is very beautiful. After that deepmalika placed vedi, than chawal, and kumkum, create a lotus with this things and placed godess placed. than started prays of god & goddess Laxmi .On Deepmalika placed chawal Khirs, sweets of khands or other foods. all the places of your home burn Dhoop & agabatties. After all this distribute to persons and children.
             After that gives prizes and sweets eats fruits & water. for the offical person he prays godess Laxmi with their diyas burn. All the shopkeepers also prays their a/c and other pens. With Sindore in the home and shop write mangal words. Rich persons after prayer distributed their servants with rupees, clothes and sweets.
             Some bad persons plays Gambles on the diwali. In fact its was not reasonal and not understands holy at the time of diwali So at the time of diwali its a bad habbit of gambling.


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