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Jiske Sir Upar Tu Swami


|| Jiske Sir upar tu swami ||


Jiske Sir Upar Tu Swami


Jiske sir upar tu Swami, jiske sir upar tu Swami
So dukh kesa pave, so dukh kesa pave

One who has You over his head, O Lord, how can he suffer any pain?

Bol na jane maya mad mata, bol na jane maya mad mata
Marna chit na aave, marna chit na aave...

Being intoxicated with Maya, he doesn't know how to speak and he doesn't remember death.

Mere Ram Rai, tu Santa ka Sant tere, mere Ram Rai, tu Santa ka Sant tere
Tere sevak ko bhae kich nahi, tere sevak ko bhae kich nahi
Jam nahi aave nere, jam nahi aave nere...

Oh my Ram Rai, You are of the Saints, and the Saints are yours. Your servant has no fear, not even the Angel of Death can come near.

Jo tere rang rate Swami, jo tere rang rate Swami
[Tinka] janam maran dukh nasa, janam maran dukh nasa
Teri baksh na mete koi, teri baksh na mete koi
Satguru ka dilasa, Satguru ka dilasa...

Those who are dyed in your color, O Swami, their pain of birth and death has fled. No one can erase Your blessing, O Lord. the Satguru has given this consolation (guarantee).

Nam dhyayan sukh phal payan, Nam dhyayan sukh phal payan
Aath pahar aaradhe, aath pahar aaradhe
Teri sharan tere bharavase, teri sharan tere bharavase
Panch dusht le sadhe, panch dusht le sadhe...

Those who meditate on Naam receive the fruit of happiness and they remember You day and night. By coming in Your shelter and Your support, they control the five evils.

Gyan dhyan kich karam na jana, gyan dhyan kich karam na jana
Sar na jana teri, sar na jana teri
Sabte vada Satguru Nanak, sabte vada Satguru Nanak
Jin kal rakhi meri, jin kal rakhi meri...

I don't know any knowledge, contemplation or deeds; and I don't know Your greatness. Nanak says, "Satguru is greatest of all - He has saved my honor."

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