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Audio Satsang - Chandigarh

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Chandigarh Satsang (Part 1) Duration: 28 minutes and 46 seconds Chandigarh Satsang (Part 2) Duration: 29 minutes and 41 seconds Chandigarh Satsang (Part 3) Duration: 59 minutes and 31 seconds Chandigarh Satsang (Part 4) Duration: 60 minutes and 38 seconds Chandigarh Satsang (Part 5) Duration: 57 minutes and 45 seconds Chandigarh Satsang (Part 6) Duration: 62 minutes and 08 seconds Chandigarh Satsang (Part 7) Duration: 27 minutes and 19 seconds Jai Guru Dev
Date/time : 22/10/09 03:10:44

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Just Believe in One God, who is everywhere and who is Awal, Akhir, Zahir, Batin. just believe in the end day of the world, life after here and you will be on the path of success and out of the darkness.Don't Worship Idols, Just worship god alone who doesn't have shape Yours Sincere.

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