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(Awakening of Kundalini Alphabet and Cryptic Mantras)

The specific Mantras (talismans) that have paramount importance in the discourse of exorcism or occultism, are the cryptic assemblage of the alphabetical letters. These cryptic Mantras in occultism are the base for verbal or audio expression. According to the experiments and utilization, groups of various letters form the cryptic mantra. Cryptic Mantras is a mean to achieve perfection through recitational devotion.

An alphabet (of Devenagari script to be precise) composed of the letters from A (v) to Gy (K), forms the phonetic body of the supreme power or Shakti. It is said to have the power to bestow perfection and it is the verbal state of Brahma also.
The phonetic body is always the sound of Shiva and is the form of Brahma. Hence, life is called as Shiva,which is tied with a noose.Hence Shiva has life form in him. That one should leave his life and remember Shivatatva only, hence he should always keep in mind his Brahma like body. It is imperative for the organism to recite the alphabet if it wishes to achieve perfection.The sound of Shiva is the fifty letters of the alphabet expressing the body of Brahma.A detailed description of it is as follows.
A smiling Lord Shankar exists, bearing a divine phonetic body in the Linga's various parts of his body,which can be described thus.

A (v) His head
A (vk) His Forehead
I (b) His right eye
EE (bZ) His left eye
V (m) His right ear
DO (mw) His left ear
Ri (_) His both the cheeks
Lri (y`) His both the nostrils
E (,) Ai (,s) His lips
O (vks) Au (vkS) His row of teeth
An (v) Ah (v%) His palate

All the five letters of the Ka (d) row : Ka (d), Kha ([k), Ga (x), Gh (?k), Ang (v%) form his right arm.
All the five letters of the Cha (p) row :
Cha (p), Chha (N), Ja (t), Jha (>) and Ian (M-) form his left arm.
All the five letters of the Ta (V) row, Ta (V), Tha (B), Da (M), Dha (<) and Ana (.k) form is right leg.

All the letters of Ta (V) row : Ta (V), Tha (Fk), Dha (/k), Na (u), form his left leg.

Pa (i) His belly
Pha (Q) His right side
Ba (c) His left side
Bha (Hk) His shoulder
Ma (e) His heart

Ya (;), Ru (j), La (y), Va (o), Sha ('k), Sha (‘k), Sac (l) " these seven letters form the seven Dhatus viz, Twaka, (Skin), Asrika flesh, fat, bones, marrow and semen.
Ma (g) His navel
Ksha ({k) His Spine.

Thus, the whole alphabet of the Devangari script is an appearance of Lord Shiva.


All the gods have their own cryptic Mantras that mostly contain only one letter. A cryptic mantra is a special means in exorcism to achieve perfection quickly. But among the entire single letter cryptic Mantras, Omkar has the top most importance to achieve perfection. In almost all of the religious traditions, importance of OM is undisputed. OM is said to be the first expression of the phonetic Brahma. Hence, Om is the symbol of the phonetic Brahma and resonant sound. Omkar is the breath of all the organisms and on it depends the life by all means.

In OM OMKARA are present parts of the twelve arts viz. " Akar, Ukar, Makar, Bindu, Ardhachandra, Rochini, Nada, Nadanta, Shakti, Vyapini, Samna and Unmana. Among all of them, Uumana is the highest, surpassed only by Brahma Tatva (element of Brahma). But at the level of phonetic expression, Om is supposed a combination of three letters : A (v), U (m) and Ma (e). In its phonetic form. OM expresses creation, and is supposed to symbolise Triguna (three virtues), Trideva (three deities) or three status viz " awakened state, dreaming state and sleeping state.

In is seen to be written at the center of cryptic Mantras system. Cryptic Mantras system cryptic OMKAR is written at the center of the Sahastrarpadma (lotus of the thousand petals) in ShataChakras (Six rings). Every Mantras (cryptic or otherwise) also usually begins with a recitation of OM and that shows its importance in art.
All the three letters of OM, Viz : A (v), U (m) and Ma (e) represent creation, preservation and destruction and symbolise Triguna (three virtues), Trivarna (three classes), Trai (assemblaze) of three, Triloka (three worlds), Trikala (three ages) and Trimurti (trinity).


The almighty God has combined and brought together all the forces that exist in and as Universe into a single lump called human body. But human being is not aware of it, for in common condition the triangular mouth of Sushumna nerve lies clogged at the middle of groin region. Beginning from here, it traverses the spinal cord and rises upward to reach the skull. But because of the clogging of its triangular mouth, it’s powers remain undeveloped, and breathing (Prana shakti) keeps on flowing in the body through Ida (the moon) and Pingla (the Sun) nerves. These Ida and Pingla nerves also rise from the triangular basal region. In this triangular groin region itself lies asleep a smaller nerve in spiral fashion with extreme charge and divine power. It is also called Sarpini (serpent). Taking three and a half twists and with its tail in the mouth, this nerve lies asleep in conch shape. This is the nerve called Kundalini Shakti or Serpent power.


Two fingers above the anus and two fingers below the sex organ, exists in four fingers area Muladhar Padma (the basal lotus). In the stalk of this basal, lotus lies Kundalini taking three and a half spirals. However, when it awakens, it rises and wakes up all the six Chakras (rings) in the way to annihilate in Sahastrar ultimately.


If some how this nerve (Kundalini) stretches out opening its spirals, and its mouth (or head) enters Sushumna nerve, the process is called as the awakening of Kundalini power.


Muladhar Chakra (the basal wheel) is known as the sleeping place of Kundalini. Ganapati (Ganesha) is the Lord of nerve. Hence in the basal wheel, Lord Ganapati is prayed at the trunk. Here a mantra - Gan Ganpataye NAMAH is recited

TIME : Time from November to March is the best time to awaken Kundalini through exercise of Yoga.
It is done as follows:
Having performed your routine tasks in the morning light a lamp before a beautiful picture of Lord Ganesha. Now sit in Padmasana in front of it. Rest both the hands on the knees and stretch straight your spine. Closing your eyes imagine that you are looking between your eyebrows. Shifting the concentration from there, now focus at the tip of the nose. After practising for a few days, you will begin to feel different kinds of smells and your hypnotizing power will increase. If you practise this method in the presence of a Guru (Teacher) the results will be better.
The following Pranayamas also cause the awakening of Kundalini:

  1. Bhastrika, KapalBhati, SuryaBhedi etc.
  2. Mahabandha, Mahavedha. Mahanmudra, Khecharimudra, Viparita Mudra, Ashwini Mudra, Shakti ChaliniMudra etc.

But these are all external means, that are helpful in awakening Kundalini,but by Dhyana (concentration) only can the Kundalini be awakened fully.


Meaning : Through this body all the religious duties can be performed.Without protecting the body,a human being can neither protect himself, nor his soul. How then he will protect his religion. Along with making the body strong, healthy and full of characters, one must strive to become spiritually strong too.
The purpose of the science is to perform everything with ease to save time, which could then be utilized in the upliftment of the self. Awakening of Kundalini has the same purpose.To awaken the Kundalini, control of the mind is the first and foremost part. It is said in Yoga Vashishtha about Kundalini that: RASAV VAI SAM ; that is jocularity sentiments etc. develops in many arts and in turn make the life full of pleasures.

Devibhagvat says : Bhu i.e. will power, Bhuvah action power and Swah knowledge power are the symbols of Tama, Raja and Satva births respectively, which are governed by Mahakali, Mahalakshmi and Mahasaraswati. Through the worship of these three deities, kundalini is awakened and all the luxuries are gained.

When Kundalini awakens, its effect begins to appear on the whole body, making the performer much more powerful. Rigaveda says about this power thus : I can convert anything in to anything. Renowned world over as serpent power, it is known in India as Kundalini, when one knows about it and awakens it, nothing remains impossible for him. As per the saying YAT PINDE TAT BRAHMANDE, whatever is in the universe is in the body, one can perform many sorts of miracles by awakening his Kundalini. And with the help of it one can achieve ASHTA SIDDHIS (eight perfection’s) viz :

  1. Anima : making the body extremely light.
  2. Mahima : Increasing body or improving the personality.
  3. Laghima : Lightening the body and fighting the disease.
  4. Garima : Glorious personality.
  5. Ishitwa : Attracting and alluring everybody.
  6. Vashitva : Enchanting every body.
  7. Prapti : Getting the ungettable things.
  8. Prakamya : To get honour.

All these Siddhis (Perfections) can be achieved spontaneously with the awakening of Kundalini. After that all the excellence which have been described in Patanjali Yoga viz Panchatt Gyana (knowledge of the higher self), knowledge of the previous birth, knowledge of distant thing, knowledge of all the Lokas (worlds), knowledge of the stars and planets. Quenching of thirst and hunger, wandering in the sky, feeling of non-violence, sighting of the beloved one, knowledge of the gems on the earth etc. are also achieved spontaneously.

With the awakening of Kundalini via mantra yoga, cracking or opening of all the six rings is done. This in turn, leads to achievement of Siddhis (perfection). The awakened Kundalini reaches Brahmarandhra in the skull via sushumna nerve. Annihilating there with Shiva power.
It causes the nectar to flow out from the streams of the moon. This causes the body of the performer to glow. But to achieve this, it is necessary that one should first get a Gurumantra from his teacher and recite it in order to open his six wheels or rings and achieve perfection.
With awakening of Kundalini a human being gets complete control on his mind and body. He feels himself free from the entire curbs. He no longer remains a doer or the consumer, but becomes an onlooker. This state is called as Nishreyasa, that is a state even superior than the state of Salvation.
Kundalini is also called as the serpent power, because it has a snakelike winding motion. It moves in circular fashion in the body of the performer, with increasing speed. It is a fiery but latent-electric power. Its speed is more than the speed of the light. It is said to have a speed of 3,45,000 miles per second while the speed of lights is only 1,85,000 miles per second. With awakening of Kundalini humans have knowledge like

  1. Vekhari Shabdochcharana.
  2. Appearance of supernatural thoughts.
  3. Arrival of Madhyamavaka on the tongue.
  4. Pashyanti- sounds become visible to the human eyes.

Notable sage of the middle ages Santa Gyaneshwara, describes Kundalini in following words: Sit in Vajrasana and do Jallundhar bandha. Pull the abdomen to your back. Now you experience an Uddiyana bandha below the navel and around the penis. This posture stops the Apan Vaya to rise up in the abdomen, which then mixes the parts of the earth and the water elements together. At the same time the warmth of Vajrasana, causes Kundalini to awaken. When Kundalini awakens, it spreads its mouth upward with a great jerk. It appears that is has been hungry for many days and now upon awakening is eager to devour anything it meets. But it does not move from its place and devours whatever parts of the earth and the water that the body has.Thus, is described in an apparently simple process. We will later on describe the other processes.

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